Saw Files

Taper-Regular Taper

Taper-Heavy Taper

Band Saw Blunt
Band Saw
Mill Blunt -Two Square Edge
Mill Blunt - Two Round Edge
Mill Blunt - One Round Edge
Mill Regular
Taper - Slim Taper
Taper - Extra Slim Taper
Taper - Double Extra Slim
Pit Saw
Cross Cut
Cant Saw
Rotary Mower
Round Chain Saw
Farmers Own
Double Edge Saw

Machinists' Files

Three Square (Triangular) 1

Half Round 1


Flat 1

Round 1

Square 1

Pillar regular


Knife 11

Flat Rasp

Half Round Rasp

Round Rasp

Cabinet Rasp
Horse Rasp-plain
Horse Rasp-Tanged

Shoe Rasp

File and Rasp Combination

Special Purpose Files

Aluminium Flat

Aluminium Half Round

Brass Flat

Brass Half Round

Foundry Flat

Foundry Half Round
Lead Float Flat

Lead Float Half Round
Flat (With Chip Breaking Groove)

Long Angle

Cabinet File

Chequering File

Contact File A

Ski Sharpener
Plastic Handles

Plastic Handles Type A

Plastic Handles Type B
Plastic Handles Type C
Plastic Handles Type D
Plastic Handles Type E
Plastic Handles Type F
Milled Tooth Files
Rigid Type
Flexible With CSK Hole
       Brands :

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